Build High

Turbocharge Your Company’s Performance by Recruiting, Retaining, and
Nurturing A-Level Teams That Have the Same Entrepreneurial Mindset as You Do.

“It doesn’t make sense to hire people and tell them what to do;
we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” -- Steve Jobs

While Steve Jobs played a crucial role to make Apple what it is
today, it is his team who played an equally vital role.
Do you have your ‘A-Level Team’ ready, or...
Are you still tolerating unmotivated, average employees making repeated mistakes and costing you lakhs in re-work?
Are you still personally working 80+ hours per week to cover for roles that feel impossible to fill in your business?
Do you feel that your team is just filling up the space and not actually helping you in making more money?
Are you spending your precious time in endless hiring-hours and losing focus on growing your business?

If you’re like most business owners or CEOs, you have plenty of opportunities to grow your business. But to achieve this, you need to see it as a war and even an able warrior cannot win the war if he is backed by mediocre soldiers.

You need your A-Grade Players, who eagerly solve problems, make strategies, produce great results, take great care of your clients and take work off your plate.

Shefali’s “Recruit Right Framework” makes this possible for you!

What is ‘Recruit Right Framework?’

And how it helps you gain the high-ground in the quest for talent

Shefali’s ‘Recruit Right Framework’ is the one-revolutionary approach that has helped her clients scout, recruit & nurture high-performance teams and make rapid growth in the shortest time. This unique HR approach works for any industry in any economy.

The 3-step process of Recruit Right Framework:
After applying this system
you are guaranteed to...
Enrich and maintain a flow of high-quality candidates — on-demand
Retain your Ninja team by providing a workplace that is pleasant & productive
Nurture your team to build a pool of high-performing future leaders
Generate high growth and get exponential increase in profits
And finally, take a 4-week vacation to celebrate this accomplishment
(without worrying who would run the show in your absence)
over 85% of companies struggle in hiring a ninja team.
99.3% of Shefali’s clients don’t.
We have been able to save hugely on resources using her services.

She understands our needs and methodically achieves desired outcomes.

Abby Jamal
(MD - ZXY International)

She gave me strategy - I hired 10 top-level team members in a breeze.

Shefali’s expertise could get results with precision. She is now our most trusted partner.

Sathish Kumar
(Brand Studio Lifestyle Pvt Ltd.)

With a high performing team in place, our revenue has doubled!

We got constant support and a key contributor in building our teams from Shefali.

Pooja Kapur

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Recruit Right Framework

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These 90 minutes are like the learning of a lifetime. I feel a bit embarrassed for overlooking such basic things while recruiting the people earlier.
Pawan Wadhwan (Marketing Head, Sipcon)
Shefali's masterclass is a value add worth lakhs but she is offering it for free! A real boon to entrepreneurs and business owners!
Akshat Bansal (CEO, Benzoville)
Meet the creator of Recruit Right Framework:

Shefali Tripathi

Shefali is delighted and honoured to have helped more than 1000 companies - in India and overseas - eliminate the overwhelming stress of recruiting the right people, nurture them and retain them to grow exponentially.

She is a Recruitment Strategist with 18+ years of experience in helping business owners overcome hiring challenges and create a fail-proof mechanism to realize their vision of owning Ninja Teams.

Shefali's RR and WWH Framework is an answer to “How to build High-performance happy teams” so that your dream business can excel.

Whether this is your first hire or your 200th, Shefali’s unconventional approach is a crucial step to transform your business into a highly profitable venture.
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Awards, Achievements & Accolades

Shefali Tripathi has been recognized by eminent institutes and organizations for her outstanding achievements in entrepreneurial journey and social works.

Under Shefali’s leadership her company Career Genii was nominated for India’s 5000 best MSMEs award.
She was awarded ‘COVID Small Business Grant’ by Facebook for CGCPL’s contribution to society and women empowerment.
She was awarded 100% scholarship by Goldman Sachs 10-K for an exclusive program designed and delivered at IIM Bangalore.
Her articles on HR and women empowerment are getting published in eminent Magazines.
She is being applauded for converting her 'All Women Company' to a ‘Virtual Firm' to enable her team to work from any part of the globe.
In today’s competitive market old school HR systems
Don’t Work.
What really works is, Shefali’s...
recruit right
Put in place this system, now!

For how long will you tolerate burning your hard-earned money and never-to-come-back time experimenting with old school HR systems? Sorry, they don’t work today.

In today’s fast-paced, highly-competitive world what would really work for you is a revolutionary approach of strategically hiring & actively cultivating the top talents. More than ever, hiring & nurturing the best people requires foresight, planning, alertness, and decisive action.

With Shefali’s “Recruit Right Framework”, you have everything you need to seize the high ground in the war for talent and maintain it for long-term growth.

connect with Shefali & her team to learn how best this system can be integrated into your company.
For the miraculous results Shefali has produced, she is popularly known as the hr queen   in the industry.
I strongly recommend her to someone who needs results....... fast.”

Shefali’s knowledge of domain, commitment, and dedication has yielded great results for us.

Tabbassum Nigar
(Lead auditor, Castor Consulting)

Shefali’s domain expertise is best and I vouch for her services.

She is prompt, methodical, and strategic in her approach and always delivered with commitment.

Vikrant Rai
(Director, C&R Textiles Pvt. Ltd.)

Reliable and trustworthy Recruitment Strategist came to us as a blessing!

Transparency in communication and prompt action-taking ability makes it a pleasure to work with her.

Rameshan PT
(Best Corporation)

Discover how 350+ entrepreneurs (just like you) generated a combined $200m profit with ‘Recruit Right Framework’
And how best way this framework can be applied in your company
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Listen to what Shefali has to say. This gentlewoman has solved my 30-years of HR challenges in just 30 minutes.
Harsh Gupta (Director, J B Gupta Pvt. Ltd.)